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aka Granny


Carol (aka Granny) and her late husband, Duel, have visited Yuma since the 1970s. They fell in love with the area and became snowbirds. After her husband Duel, a US Army Veteran retired from McDonald Douglas; they moved to Yuma full-time. Carol and Duel lived close to the Marine Air Base, where they enjoyed watching the fighter jets Duel once built fly daily. Carol and Duel spent their retirement prospecting and exploring the countryside on their Razzor. 

After Duel's passing in August 2020, Carol decided to stay in Yuma. With the love and support of her family, Carol is now living out her entrepreneurial dream by opening her treat truck, Granny's Bubble Waffles. Carol's grandson, Nick, recently moved from St. Louis to Yuma to help her start and run the business. 


Carol has two daughters, nine grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. Carol's grandson, Tyler, and his wife, Tania, are active-duty Marines.


Stay connect with Granny's Bubble Waffles on Social at @GrannysBubbleWaffles on Instagram and Facebook. Thank you for supporting and sharing our small business. 

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